Hair Extensions 101 Information Course by Ann Marie Walts

Certified Since 2006 by 6 Companies...Extensions Are What I Do!

 You are not sure whether hair extensions are right for you?
    You have heard that they can be damaging to your natural hair?  

My informational ecourse will help you find the perfect match for your needs!

Course Summary

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 COMPLIMENTARY informational "course"!

I've been consulting with clients, just like yourself, for over 20 years.  

 And I truly understand that while designing hair extensions is what I do, the idea or topic around getting hair extensions may be absolutely brand new to you.

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Complimentary Course Curriculum

Ann Marie Walts

Anna Bathelt

I first met Ann Marie when I went to her in hopes that she would be able to fix/remove hair extensions I had gotten from another salon.

I had always looked at her work and loved it ! But at the time was in a pinch for money so I went to a salon that offered extensions for a "cheaper" price .

 Guess it's true you get what you pay for !  Because they almost couldn't be removed from my head !

 Ever since Ann Marie was able to not only fix my hair but make me love my hair again I was addicted to her services .

 Don't let the pricing scare you away because every penny is truly worth spent at The Loft Salon Studio!

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  • You will gain valuable knowledge about hair extensions.
  • You will get tips on how to choose the right stylist.
  • You will save time by getting information from an expert.